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Dear Friend,

Check off any of these that apply to you...

Do you need to get out of debt? Pay off those looming credit cards, or pay off the house and car and live free and clear?

Do you want to spend more time with family? Just think how strong your relationship can be...how about watching your children grow as a stay at home parent actively involved with your children's lives?

Do you want to contribute to your favorite charity or worthy cause? Imagine the difference you could make with your new found the time and financial ability.

Do you want to travel? Take that trip you've always been longing for...the fishing excursion in Alaska, the romantic cruise through the Mediterranean, or the cross country RV road trip with your entire family?

Do you want to put your kids through the best universities or private schools...or do you want to go back to school?

Do you want to follow your own passion? Maybe you've always wanted to go to culinary school...maybe you love rebuild classic cars or collect Harley's...maybe write poetry or take singing lessons?

Well, my name is Ron LeGrand, and I can help you achieve everything you checked!

As you may already know, I'm regarded as the "Nation's Leading Quick Turn Real Estate Expert." However, this letter is NOT about real estate investing...I've made real estate millionaires all across North America. I'm tremendously proud of the financial success my real estate students report, and in fact, that's why they call me the "Millionaire Maker."

This Letter IS About Creating MASSIVE INCOME QUICKLY!

You see, in the late eighties, I began teaching others what I do...real estate...and that led to a multi-million dollar publicly traded Information Marketing Company grossing over $20,000,000 a year. Since then, I've built another company, Global Publishing Inc., duplicating its success.

It all started with a $10 book I created so I wouldn't have to give the same talk over and over again when people wanted to know my success story.

From There I Built An Empire...And You Can Do The Same!

I'll show you how to create information products from PENNIES and sell them for DOLLARS and how to make money on others' products if you don't want to create anything! That's what the Information Marketing business is all about.

And that's what this letter is all about...income without hassle or risk.

Yes, information marketing has been very good to me and can be very good for you...I'll show you how.

Information products can be delivered in the form of books, DVDs, CDs, special reports, newsletters, seminars, consulting, coaching, website services and a variety of other media, and today, almost all are online costing you nothing and automatically sold while you sleep.

I'm pretty darn certain you have something to share that someone else wants to know and is willing to pay you for it.

Heck, even if you don't think you have something to share, I'll show you how to license a product to sell so you won't have to do the work of creating a product. In fact, I'll give you an affiliate license to our Gold Club and teach you how to use it to make from several hundred to several thousand dollars a month and do nothing but refer people to this exact same offer I'm about to give you.

Where You Get $1,232 of Valuable Training for $1.00

...more on that in a minute...

You Just Need To Know How To Market...And I'll Show You How!

Just a few years ago my daughter, Vicki, started a company Global Publishing, Inc. She wasn't an expert on any particular subject, and she couldn't sell my products due to conflict with my former company. She didn't want to create products, warehouse inventory and was too nervous to speak with customers.

Vicki turned to licensing. In her first year, on her own, she turned a small investment of $1,000 into...


This year Global is on track to do many times that, in spite of this down economy.

Information marketing is a business you can start from home, with little or no investment...A business that is easy to start and completely self sustaining, run on autopilot, and recession proof...A business that allows you to be as involved (or not involved) as you wish and still not limit your income potential...

Information Marketing Gives You More Freedom Both In Time And Money... Imagine Complete Independence And Ultimately...WEALTH!

In fact, I consider the information marketing business "the perfect business" for you, if you truly want to dramatically change your financial future in a very short period of time. Here's why...

Very small start up cost. You don't need to take out a large business loan or keep a large inventory in stock. You can start from your own home and don't need any employees.
The world is your market. You have an unlimited number of customers who are dying for the information you can share and the value you bring them to enrich their lives.
You can operate from anywhere, any time. You can work from home or even Starbucks. If you wish, your cell phone and your laptop can be your office. Imagine working from your beach chair while soaking up the sun on a white sandy paradise on an island in the middle of the Caribbean without losing a dime of profit.
You can stop and start as you see fit. You can work on your business and not in your business. It's a huge difference many entrepreneurs don't seem to get. Many people go into and end up creating another job with the business running their life. Not you! Information marketing allows a complete lifestyle supportive business.
You don't need inventory. Forget stockpiling your garage, manufacturing, or shipping anything. You don't have to lick envelopes, answer the phone or even be at work to make money.
Technological advances make it an auto pilot business. You've heard the phrase "set it and forget it." Just think what kind of lifestyle you could live if you had a stable, dependable, and AUTOMATIC stream of income piling into your bank account 24 hours a day.
You don't need personal communication skills. If you don't want to talk to customers, you don't have to. In fact, you'll never even need to see your customers, ever! You can outsource as much or as little of your business you'd like.
YOU CAN INCREASE REVENUE ON DEMAND! Want to give yourself a pay raise?!?...no problem! Forget the 3% cost of living increase each year; imagine pushing a button and sending floods of streaming cash into your bank account whenever you want or need...not once a year...what about once a month, or even once a week.
Your income has NO CAP and is based solely on your expectations and actions. Forget your job and quit answering to numskulls all day. The information marketing business allows you to call the shot and be completely in charge of your financial future. YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK!
Do the job once and continue to get paid. Are you sick of trading hours for dollars? Forget having to repeat the same process every time you want a pay day. Create or license a product and have it work for you, on auto pilot, creating a stream of hands off income you only had to do once.
Have multiple streams of income. Imagine many information products or even many information businesses feeding your bank account. If you love your job, don't quit.... your information marketing business can practically run itself. Run multiple businesses at the same time. Do what you love and let information marketing support the way you want to live.
Learning how to sell and market the right way makes all business easy, not just information marketing. Take what you learn from the information marketing business and apply it to any other business venture your pursue. I use my information marketing business to create partners in my real estate business and have deals come to me, drive people to my restaurants and Alaskan resort, sell lots of my subdivisions, condos, fractionals, subscriptions to Financial Freedom Network and every other form of income I touch. It all involves and is dependent upon marketing.
Don't worry if you don't have a product to sell. You don't need to be an expert in any subject matter. If you don't want to create your own product don't worry. I'll give you the skills you need to find hot, in demand, products with huge profit potential and a starving crowd of people dying for the information you offer. I'll even give you the license to sell my products and the tools and training to do it with.

Real Everyday Ordinary People Are Building Extraordinary Fortunes In Information Marketing

Try Calculating YOUR Income Just think for a second... what would it take for you to...


Completely Replace Your Income From Your Current Job?

Well, I've done some math for you. Let's take a look...

Replace your current income:  
($1,300 per week)
You have a product to sell:  
Product Cost:
Marketing Cost (-25%)
Net Profit per order
Orders Per Week To Put You Out Of A Job!

Makes sense doesn't it? But I hope your goal isn't to just match your current income and spend less time doing it...my wish for you is to far exceed what you're currently making while allowing you more FREEDOM to do what you truly want to do in life.

I'm prepared to give you everything you need to get started right now to reach this goal...

I have borrowed a couple CDs from my very good friend, Dan Kennedy who is the author of seven popular No B.S. books, thirteen business books total; a serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size.

He is the "guru" of "gurus" of information marketing.

Dan is the creator and mastermind behind his Platinum Inner Circle...which I have been a part of since its inception 15 years ago.

This is where the "Navy Seals of Marketing" come together four times a year for private, behind-closed-door  meetings. 

We pay a hefty fee to be a part of the circle and sign a strict confidentiality pledge to each other, so we can share our most prized and profitable discoveries. 

Somehow, though, Dan persuaded us to take one extra day, get in a room together, turn on the tape recorder and have a wide-open discussion of our very best marketing and moneymaking ideas just about anybody can use to rev up their business and income whether it's online, offline or bricks and mortar.

Imagine, sneaking into a closed–door meeting with all these moneymaking commandos spilling their guts, ALL contributing to the maelstrom of ideas, insights and very specific advice pouring across the conference table like gasoline on fire. 

Well, you don't have to imagine because this full day of incredible information was recorded, and now you can get it.

There was a pro there to record it all, for the best possible audio quality given the situation. It's been edited to keep the meatiest parts and lop off the fat.

You won't be able to listen to these CDs only once!

You'll be whacking the pause button like some crazed monkey, to jot down one sizzling hot idea after another you want to act on.  You'll have to listen to them all a number of times or you'll miss more than you get because it's all coming at you rapid-fire.

Getting a download of experience and thinking about marketing from any ONE of this crack commando squad would certainly be worthwhile. But from all FIFTEEN?

And keep in mind, this is NOT some carefully thought out, scripted and read presentation, where the guru has had plenty of time to deliberately leave certain things out and hold certain things back, to selectively share his methods. This was a blow-the-doors-off discussion, with everybody thinking on their feet and, to some extent, trying to top the other guy.

Some Amazing How-To Secrets And Strategies Are Revealed On These Unique CDs.

Dan was also so kind enough to give me another recordings of his, "How To Master New Information Faster & Easier Then Before."

On this CD, Dan walks you through a simple and highly effective technique to accelerated learning.

Trust me...you'll need this CD to really jump-start your information marketing business.

I have also borrowed 7 CDs from my friend, Joe Polish, who is considered to be one of the most effective direct-response marketing experts in the world.

Joe is a good example of someone who started as a carpet cleaner and discovered information marketing. He now makes seven figures from what he learned!

On these seven CDs, Joe interviews some of the sharpest minds and the most amazing people in the country.

I can tell you with absolute sincerity, any one of them can change your life forever.

The brilliant minds that Joe interviews on these CDs are...

  • Gary Halbert - "The Prince of Print" A guru of copywriting and direct marketing

  • Mark Victor Hansen - Author of the Mega-Selling Series- "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

  • Robert G. Allen - Successful financial advisor and the author of the #1 bestselling real estate book of all times, "Nothing Down," but Robert admits he has made more money selling information than ANY real estate transactions.

  • Jeff Paul - Jeff is the author of the famous program and infomercial, " How To Make Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear"

  • Michael Gerber - Best-selling author and founder of E-Myth Worldwide®

  • Craig Forte - Best selling real estate author, and business-building veteran

These CDs are what you need, so you won't have to learn from your mistakes!

But...let's say you have listened to all the CDs but still feel like you just don't have that big idea yet.

You can't think of anything to market or how to improve your marketing efforts...don't sweat it.

I have my go-to-book, "The Ultimate Million-Dollar-Idea Generator' that helps me to jump-start my brain and gets my creative juices flowing, and I know it could do the same for you!

This book is for those days where your brain is dry and crispy, bereft of even a glimmer of original thought. Just open it up, it will get those wheels turning and will instantly generate tons of ideas for profitable info-products.

The aim of this book was to create a resource that would help generate more viable product ideas than a person could ever create. It triggers your brain to create hot, new ideas at a moment's notice!

This Book Will Help You Generate All The Ideas You'll Ever Need.

Once you get that big idea...and you will...you are going to need to write a killer sales letter, and the only way to have a killer sales letter is to have a compelling headline.

One of the most important parts of a marketing campaign is a sales letter because within it contains most of the ingredients that compel people to part with their money.

Without a good, compelling headline, it won't matter much how great your copy is because few will read it.

The Only Job Of A Headline Is To Get The Reader To Read The First Paragraph.

The easiest way to come up with a good headline is to sit down and read a large number of successful headlines.

And guess what?!?

Yup, I just so happen to have a manual of 350 Of The Best Written Headlines Ever Written.

This idea is not to steal someone else's words but to develop a sense of what elements make a good headline. This list was put together for one reason—to be a single source of ideas for writing headlines.

Ok, Ron...So, What's The Deal?

I know I have been telling you all about the CDs and resources I have but you're probably thinking...that's great but how is that going to help me.

Well, I am going to give you each and everyone of my resources and CDs I mentioned for not even half the cost, not even 25%, heck, not event 1% of the cost. You can have it all for only $1.00.

Let's Recap

"Dan Kennedy's Platinum Inner Circle" CDs
"How To Master New Information Faster & Easier Than Before" CD
"The Joe Polish Interview" CDs
"The Ultimate Million Dollar Idea Generator" CD
"350 Of The Best Headlines Ever Written"

All For A Buck!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

OK, Ron. Why Are You Giving Me So Much
For Only $1.00?

The answer is simple. It's a shameless bribe to get you to try out my new Gold Club membership and give us the chance to show you how valuable it will be to you. Information Marketing is one of several income streams we teach all our Gold Club Members. The benefit list is long and so are the ways you can sit at home and make money as a member starting with an instant affiliate position the minute you join, which you will at no risk when you say yes to my fabulous $1.00 offer.

All members will receive an affiliate license to refer members through your own affiliate link. You simply give out the links we assign you to all of your friends, relatives and customers and every time one of them accept my $1.00 offer and becomes a member, you get paid $50.00.

You sell nothing, take no orders, deliver nothing, talk to no one or put any effort into recruiting new members except give out your assigned link to others. Everything else is done automatically and you get a check every month.

If you have a website or want one you can add our link and all the traffic to your site will get this same offer. If your site attracts viewers for anything some will be interested in this offer. If your site gets 1,000 visitors a month and 100 of them press our banner ad on your page leading to our site and 50 accept my $1.00 offer…you just made…$2,500. Suppose you get 5,000 visitors a month and 1,000 hit my ad and 500 accept…You just made $25,000. Like I said nice part-time income.

OK, let's say you don't have a site. You can place free and cheap banner ads, classifieds like Craigslist or any of fifty different things to drive traffic through your links to our site and you'll get paid. You don't need a site, just an assigned link. Can you simply drop a post card to your customer list or send an email or add an insert to any and all mail outs you do as a business owner? Can you email all your friends and use Facebook and Twitter to tell your followers how to get my free stuff and send to your link?

As a member, we will train you on numerous ways to drive traffic to our offer and others with little or no cost and honestly make a good living simply doing a few easy things in your spare time. My friend, this one benefit alone makes the minimal cost of membership insignificant and may be your answer to getting out of debt even if you never use any of the other Gold Club benefits. Just wait 'til you see what this is truly worth to you.

Do you remember AOL's business model when they started. I bet you can remember getting several DVD's in the mail over a few years with good offers to get you to try them. Well, they lost a fortune to build a customer base but no one is feeling sorry for them now.

Same here. We'll lose our shirt in the beginning, but soon we'll have the strength of thousands of members and that strength will benefit you in many ways. Think of AAA, AARP, NRA, Costco to name a few. No StippersNumbers equal volume, volume equals value to you and it will only increase as we grow.

Sorry, this Gold Club doesn't include naked ladies and lap dances, it's not that kind of club, but I've always liked the name and I think it's perfect for this elite group.

You will constantly get Gold Nuggets from a full-time staff dedicated to making sure your membership is among your most prized possessions and its value is always one hundred times its cost.

Give us a chance and we'll show you how much value we can cram in a whole month for a measly $59 as should be evidenced by my $1.00 offer. I promise you will be so impressed you'll want to tell everyone you know. Of course, that's exactly what I'm counting on to reach my 50,000 member goal by year end. If you don't agree the value is there, you may opt out anytime and keep everything here.

We'll send you a new member package in the mail and after getting all the facts, you can decide if you'd like to remain as a member. No obligation, and no one will be calling you or harassing you to do anything you don't want to and you won't be charged another penny if you opt out. Is that fair?

At the very least, you'll get my Internet and Information Marketing Starter Kit worth $1,232 for only a buck. This should be an easy decision for you. Take me up on my crazy offer.

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Start your information marketing business today!

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